4. Dezember 

Welsh Cakes          
time: 45 min.          
level: medium          
Recipe for 4 portions   first step:      
      The cookies are baked on a cast iron plate-
Ingredients:     it`s an indication of how ancient the recipe is.
5oo g  flour            
1 tsp baking powder   step two:      
250 g butter     Put the floor, butter, cinammon and the sugar in a 
50 g currant (small)   bowl and mix the ingredients.   
120 g sugar     Then add the currants, the milk and the egg. 
2 tsp cinammon   Mix all the ingredients.     
250 ml milk            
1 egg     step three:      
      Put some flour on the work surface. Then roll
      the dough out until it is 1 cm thick.  
      Now cut out a 6 cm round cookie.  
      step four:      
      Put the cookie on the iron plate and bake it for 
      three minutes from each side.   
      step five:      
      At last you can sprinkle the Welsh Cakes with
      powdered sugar.    
You have to try it! It is very yummy!        

Adventskalender von Leonard Sauer, Julius Eckstein und Jan Beuke (8b)